United States President

United States President
the person who holds the office of head of state of the United States government

the President likes to jog every morning

Derivationally related forms: ↑presidential (for: ↑President), ↑presidentship (for: ↑President), ↑presidency (for: ↑President), ↑preside (for: ↑President)
Hypernyms: ↑head of state, ↑chief of state
Instance Hyponyms:
Adams, ↑John Adams, ↑President Adams, ↑President John Adams, ↑John Quincy Adams, ↑President John Quincy Adams, ↑Arthur, ↑Chester A. Arthur, ↑Chester Alan Arthur, ↑President Arthur, ↑Buchanan, ↑James Buchanan, ↑President Buchanan, ↑Bush, ↑George Bush, ↑George H.W. Bush, ↑George Herbert Walker Bush, ↑President Bush, ↑George W. Bush, ↑George Walker Bush, ↑President George W. Bush, ↑Dubyuh, ↑Dubya, ↑Carter, ↑Jimmy Carter, ↑James Earl Carter, ↑James Earl Carter Jr., ↑President Carter, ↑Cleveland, ↑Grover Cleveland, ↑Stephen Grover Cleveland, ↑President Cleveland, ↑Clinton, ↑Bill Clinton, ↑William Jefferson Clinton, ↑President Clinton, ↑Coolidge, ↑Calvin Coolidge, ↑President Coolidge, ↑Eisenhower, ↑Dwight Eisenhower, ↑Dwight D. Eisenhower, ↑Dwight David Eisenhower, ↑Ike, ↑President Eisenhower, ↑Fillmore, ↑Millard Fillmore, ↑President Fillmore, ↑Ford, ↑Gerald Ford, ↑Gerald R. Ford, ↑Gerald Rudolph Ford, ↑President Ford, ↑Garfield, ↑James Garfield, ↑James A. Garfield, ↑James Abraham Garfield, ↑President Garfield, ↑Grant, ↑Ulysses Grant, ↑Ulysses S. Grant, ↑Ulysses Simpson Grant, ↑Hiram Ulysses Grant, ↑President Grant, ↑Harding, ↑Warren Harding, ↑Warren Gamaliel Harding, ↑President Harding, ↑Harrison, ↑William Henry Harrison, ↑President Harrison, ↑President William Henry Harrison, ↑Benjamin Harrison, ↑President Benjamin Harrison, ↑Hayes, ↑Rutherford B. Hayes, ↑Rutherford Birchard Hayes, ↑President Hayes, ↑Hoover, ↑Herbert Hoover, ↑Herbert Clark Hoover, ↑President Hoover, ↑Jackson, ↑Andrew Jackson, ↑Old Hickory, ↑Jefferson, ↑Thomas Jefferson, ↑President Jefferson, ↑Johnson, ↑Andrew Johnson, ↑President Johnson, ↑President Andrew Johnson, ↑Lyndon Johnson, ↑Lyndon Baines Johnson, ↑LBJ, ↑President Lyndon Johnson, ↑Kennedy, ↑Jack Kennedy, ↑John Fitzgerald Kennedy, ↑JFK, ↑President Kennedy, ↑President John F. Kennedy, ↑Lincoln, ↑Abraham Lincoln, ↑President Lincoln, ↑President Abraham Lincoln, ↑Madison, ↑James Madison, ↑President Madison, ↑McKinley, ↑William McKinley, ↑President McKinley, ↑Monroe, ↑James Monroe, ↑President Monroe, ↑Nixon, ↑Richard Nixon, ↑Richard M. Nixon, ↑Richard Milhous Nixon, ↑President Nixon, ↑Pierce, ↑Franklin Pierce, ↑President Pierce, ↑Polk, ↑James Polk, ↑James K. Polk, ↑James Knox Polk, ↑President Polk, ↑Reagan, ↑Ronald Reagan, ↑Ronald Wilson Reagan, ↑President Reagan, ↑Roosevelt, ↑Theodore Roosevelt, ↑President Roosevelt, ↑President Theodore Roosevelt, ↑Franklin Roosevelt, ↑Franklin Delano Roosevelt, ↑F. D. Roosevelt, ↑President Franklin Roosevelt, ↑FDR, ↑Taft, ↑William Howard Taft, ↑President Taft, ↑Taylor, ↑Zachary Taylor, ↑President Taylor, ↑Truman, ↑Harry Truman, ↑Harry S Truman, ↑President Truman, ↑Tyler, ↑John Tyler, ↑President Tyler, ↑Van Buren, ↑Martin Van Buren, ↑President Van Buren, ↑Washington, ↑George Washington, ↑President Washington, ↑Wilson, ↑Woodrow Wilson, ↑Thomas Woodrow Wilson, ↑President Wilson

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